Drapes and more!


Drapes and more!

Drapes and more!

Drapes are considered as an ideal home furnishing item. It not only blocks dust, light and air but also adds to the oomph factor of your home decor. Drapes also provide privacy to your home and add a touch of class to your room decor. It is capable of lightening up the room and your mood as well.

With December coming around the corner it is the ideal time to buy new drapes or renovate your old ones. Rock your home with beautiful drapes this December, as Christmas and New Year is coming near. This is the perfect time to lighten up the ambiance of your living area before the oncoming festive season. You can go for rich textured drapes as it can make your room look grand and luxurious. I personally prefer the cotton and tissue drapes. It gives my living area a softer and lighter look. I feel it sort of gives me a soothing and calming effect.

Drapes add enormous personality to your house. You cannot fail to notice the huge and colorful drapes that are shown on the Indian television today. Be it Uttran or Pratigya, these soap operas have one thing in common; vast living areas adorned with lavish colourful drapes in the background. Not only television sitcoms but you can also find beautiful drapes in Bollywood movies. One cannot fail to notice the beautiful drapes shown in the mega blockbuster historical movie Jodha Akbar. This movie showcased beautiful sets with colorful drapes in numerous designs, textures and shapes.

Drapes made of different fabrics can be used in various styles to complement the decor of your home. Tassels, beads, sequins and other drape accessories can be used to give the simple drapes an extraordinary look. There are plenty of patterns and designs of fabric drapes today that can be easily coordinated, mix and matched with sheers, borders, wall papers and borders even with the bedding linen. Cotton drapes, silk drapes and polyester drapes are most widely used drapes. I would suggest using cotton drapes in summers, as they provide the cooling touch to the environment. You can also use fabrics like tissue, nylon, wool, lace and velvet to add sophistication to your drapes.

Today Indian drapes have come far from the traditional simple look. The drapes production industry in India has become creative and innovative by using various techniques, embellishments and weave patterns to accentuate the look of the drapes. They are also incorporating traditional art forms like zardauzi, embroidery, appliqué, fabric painting and printing to give a touch of richness and tradition to the drapes. These drapes are starred, laced, sequined and bedazzled using kundan work to give them expensive and show stopping look.

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