Glass Candles this festive season

Adding light to your home decor - glass candles!

Adding light to your home decor - glass candles!

Glass candles for Indians has a deeper connection than most as it has become an icon for one of the most popular festival of light – Diwali, celebrated all over India as a sign of victor over evil. Traditionally, we had Diyas, an oil lamp made of clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or oil. These Diyas replaced with glass candles, due to their attractive colors and shapes.

This is not just secluded to the Diwali festival, as the glass candles come in different varieties of colours, shapes, sizes and even scents they are being used in virtually every occasion. The glass candles, being natural lighting add a softer touch to the space it is placed, enhancing moods of serenity, peace and even excitement!

In Indian cinema, glass candles are often portrayed in movies and TV serials either as a sign of intimacy and togetherness or more commonly – a sign of celebration. Glass candles can be seen in many successful Indian movies today starring Bollywood icons as Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik Roshan and the like.

Glass candles are simply made of a block of wax/paraffin with an embedded wick. Now-a-days most glass candles being used as a decorative element in Indian homes. They are placed to illuminate a space as the glass candles come in impressive shapes like cylinder, conical, square, etc, and even as objects like roses, bowls, tea cups, etc, and colours. The most common colours are vibrant hues like white, red, purple, blue and green.

Today, many youngsters under the supervision of adults make their own glass candles, adding a personal touch to it. Since all the ingredients are available off-the-shelf at the market it is easier to make them. My younger sister and her friends make their glass candles in different colours, shapes and scents and exchange it with each other as gifts.

In our home, we use different glass candles for various occasions, in marriages, festivals, and even parties. I personally like the scented glass candles, specifically the lavender aroma. Lighting it up while taking a tub bath soothes me completely and elevates my senses even higher or just having it glow around when I am hunkered in my favourite corner reading a good book. For my mother, it is ritual to light up glass candles on family occasions as engagements or birthdays. The glass candles around lightens our moods and fills our home with love and warmth.


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