Grandma’s rocking chair

An antique black rocking chair in rosewood is sure to add beauty to your home decor

An antique black rocking chair in rosewood is sure to add beauty to your home decor

These days we can find so many varieties of chairs in the market with different varieties of expensive woods and no doubt they are very stylish, beautifully designed and comfortable. But, I can still remember my grandmother’s rocking chair. Indian households are known to have grannies tell stories and one place they loved to rock on was their rocking chair.

Personally, I always wondered why she liked that chair so much and did most of her routine work on it. Once I asked her my query, she smiled and made me sat on it. Oh! It was a great feeling that was. It was absolutely comfortable and enough to that one can go to sleep on it and pass the whole night. Then I could understand that why she used to take that rocking chair after she worked throughout the day. As a kid, I always loved to hear the stories.  Each night at bedtime my grandma used to tell me some different stories of Ramayana and Krishna sitting on her rocking chair and ended up with a small pray.  I learned all those prayers sitting on that big old rocking chair with her. The chair doesn’t have legs but has a curved base that swings easily two sides.

Some other day I was searching for the rocking chair, kind of, my grandma had.  I came to know about Hal Taylor Rocking Chair website. He mentioned that he has been making rocking chairs since 1992 and placed some introductory rocking chair video on the opening page to evaluate its comfort ability.  I wish I could find my grandma’s kind of rocking chair which is fit and perfect in every mood. From the Indian fashion point of view, Grandma’s rocking chair has become unique and quite fashionable. Many houses now have grandma’s rocking chair as an antique piece of furniture rather than the place for granny herself. Bollywood is all over this chair too with thousands of films showing the rocking chair. Many of the prime time television serials too are family dramas and most of them do show a grandma’s rocking chair.

The grandma’s rocking chair has rocked the fashion and interior home décor to such an extent that now people who order for furniture at home also order for a grandma’s rocking chair. Personally, someday, I’d like to sit back in my garden on a grandma’s rocking chair and recall all the memories I have lived throughout my life.

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