Light up your home

Lighting up your home to add to the beauty of the decor

Lighting up your home to add to the beauty of the decor

The aesthetics of a house is not just determined by its furniture and furnishing. Lighting and fixtures play a vital role in home décor. A well-furnished home with lighting at the right places, and the right fixtures speaks a lot for itself. Such a well-lit place creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is what one expects from ‘Home’. As the first step in this direction of ‘lighting your home’, it is essential to know the kind of light fixtures available in the market and their purposes to select the right lighting for your picture perfect home.

Let us take ambient lighting, for instance. Ambient lighting is used for the living space and dining area to set / create a mood of your choice – be it cheerful, jolly, romantic or sober, the list goes on. Consider a dimmer light with soothing music: this can give you a soft and rustic effect and create an atmosphere for relaxing, whereas, a bright one can make you feel energetic and vibrant. There is also Accent lighting, which is used draw your attention to certain objects. It dramatizes the entire atmosphere of the room by highlighting the architecture or paintings or motifs that are there on the wall.

When I went looking for the right kind of lights for my home, I asked myself:

  • Would these lights make my room look spacious?
  • Which lights would I need to highlight the motifs?
  • Will the lights complement my furniture, especially the upholstery of my couch, and make my room look bright at the same time?
  • Where do I place the lights in my kitchen to keep pests and insects away?


A bedroom beautifully lit up!

A bedroom beautifully lit up!

Lighting is an art in itself. It is important to note that a mismatch in the architecture, furniture and lighting can ruin your expectations. A crystal chandelier may enhance the look of your living room with traditional furniture accentuated with antiques a great deal,  going for it with a fabric upholstered modern day couch will not fly. In case you are opting for modern / contemporary furniture, you would want appropriate lighting (maybe LEDs or sconce lighting) which give a crisp and contemporary look.

Indian soaps like ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, ‘Pyaar ki Yeh Ek Kahaani’, etc. would be a great start to getting ideas. They usually showcase huge houses with plush interiors and expensive lighting aplenty, including but not limited to crystal chandeliers with traditional wall mounted sconces and pendant lights. BBC’s ‘Colin and Justin’s Home Heist’ on the other hand, gives you a broad picture of the modern home designs with contemporary lighting like corner lights, embedded lights in false ceiling, ambient lighting, etc.

As you can see, sky is the limit as far as lighting your dream home is concerned.

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