Antique Mirrors

An antique mirror adding a classy look to the feel of this room

An antique mirror adding a classy look to the feel of this room

Mirrors are an important aspect of home décor. They don’t just reflect the beauty but also create a beautiful ambience in your home décor. Mirrors come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. They add a touch of class to your home décor.

A beautiful antique mirror can transform a room like nothing else. Decorating with mirrors has a lot of advantages they are relatively inexpensive and create a dramatic effect. Mirrors make a room look bigger and brighter, they add to the aesthetic appeal of any room they are used in. They can be used to disperse light throughout a room. Further, by framing, painting, or etching, these can be used for a lot of decorative purposes apart from their function.

Mirrors necessarily don’t have to be hung on a wall. There are many ways to decorate with mirrors using home accessories like Candle-holders, vases, and even cushions can incorporate mirrors. Small accessories which use mirrors give an unexpected shimmer to the room. Whether choosing true antiques or finely crafted reproduction antique mirrors, using the mirrors as décor is certain to be a superb choice for those seeking to restore the gilded glory of a beautiful old home, as well as for those just looking to bring a little of the cherished past to modern decorating.

If you’re just in love with vintage mirrors, and are looking to collect them or place them strategically in your home as a decoration, hand mirrors are a great way to do it. Not only are they in most cases affordable, but they offer a flexibility that larger wall mirrors don’t. There are also many styles and images to choose from which can go in a lot of different rooms and circumstances.

A decorative floor mirror

A decorative floor mirror

One place that vintage mirrors can play a big part today is in weddings. Somehow and for some reason they just go together, and the uniqueness adds a special touch to the proceedings and memories.

These days Antique mirrors are used is a lot of Indian TV Serials – Bidaai, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Na Aana is Des Laado, Uttaran etc. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is very fond of Antique mirrors and she says “I love Antiques and Antique mirrors make a dramatic style statement in any room of the house. Hunting for antiques in every spare moment is a way of life. I have these mirrors hanging in my guest bedroom, dining room and my bedroom.”

I would say I love Antique mirrors as they have a way of giving the feeling of continuity and beauty, which is a major reason they’re so compelling for those who fall in love with them. I should say Antique mirrors really do make historically elegant home décor!

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