Grandpa’s clock stands as tall as him

Home interior in the Indian fashion scene has taken different turn in the last decade or so. People have brought in change as to how they keep their living room, halls, bedrooms, kitchens and even backyards. Incredibly, things of the past are fast becoming the most sought after in the home interior and one of them is a grandpa’s clock. Grandpas in India are considered highest figure of the household given the traditions and culture that live here. Going by grandpa’s stature and importance, the grandpa’s clock stands as tall as he does.

The Bollywood film industry has always had a major role to play in influencing things, generating curiosity by bringing in new trends and making waves. Recently, the grandpa’s clock has been noticed in many films that Bollywood is proud of. The recent Ayesha Takia starrer Mod showed the grandpa’s clock in full display. It is usually shown to identify affluent but is fast becoming a thing to own in pretty much all households in India. There are over a dozen films in the last six months that has shown the grandpa’s clock standing in a corner and this has generated a new affection among people for these clocks.

Grandpa clock for your home decor

Grandpa clock for your home decor

The recently ended Hyderabad Fashion Week in the Deccan city of Hyderabad had graceful models walk the ramp with many page 3, film and public personalities present in full attendance. However, the after show party that ran into the wee hours of the next day had a couple of grandpa’s clocks making the event look more interesting than it already was. The Indian television industry that produces monumental number of serials every year is also a proof to the fact that the clock’s popularity is fast growing. Grandpa’s clock is seen as an ancient thing and having it at home is now being considered as one of the best home interior decoration items. Most people even want it to function and not just stand there as a show piece.

I am personally so fascinated by this clock that I spent almost five months to figure out where I can find it and eventually cracked a great deal. My living room now looks like a part palace of the Irish descent. I think it’s a great thing to own and no matter what your house interior arrangement is, it is only bound to increase its value.


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