India rests on a Deewan

A traditional deewan for your luxurious home

A traditional deewan for your luxurious home

India and its fashion sense have moved up by leaps and bounds over the last few years. A country that takes pride in its rich culture and heritage, the Deewan is arguably the best home décor furniture there can be. If you love to have a quiet Sunday with your family and loved ones watching television or reading books then a Deewan is the best couch you’d ever have. There is no better way to relax than on a Deewan. Deewan was first introduced by the Mogul kings and has now become a matter of pride in every Indian household. Deewan provides a traditional yet a very contemporary feel and look to your living room.

If you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere where your family and friends can just unwind and be themselves, a Deewan is just what you need. A Deewan is usually a long and backless sofa; it also refers to a bed that has no boards at either end. Due to its versatile profile, a Deewan can be conveniently adapted into any room or space of your home. The ideal size of a Deewan varies according to its location and use. It is usually between two to three feet wide and between four to six feet long in length. Most Deewans are about 12 to 18 inches in height from the floor level. If you want ethnic interior layout, a mattress of about three to four inches thickness can also function as a Deewan. This gives a feeling of floor seating and also a great idea to add a traditional twist to your living area. Personally, they are my favourite.

You can see Deewans being used in many Indian prime time television soaps like the Balika Vadhu and Na Aana Is Des Lado. In fact, a lot of Bollywood movies have used them when the story required them to travel back in time. Shahrukh Khan’s Devdas was a blockbuster and showed him drinking while on a Deewan. At your home, complementary carpets on the floor will complete the old yet attractive look. Try a Deewan with removable covers so you can keep changing the look of the deewan. Choose cotton upholstery in colours like orange, fuchsia pink and deep red to give an authentic traditional look to the living area.

Last week, I bought myself a hand-crafted Deewan for my backyard. It’s a place I usually sit with my friends and enjoy a couple of chilled beers. What a feeling!

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