Television actors all finding time to be with fans

Television Industry and the Bollywood Industry are on tough competition with each other. This is a statement that we dont say, but sources prove it. While the industry is finding ways to promote their films and spread the message of their films among the audience by throwing various promotion events, the television industry too is nowhere behind. Television industry has found a great way to spend time with their fans. One can get a clear view by Ram Kapoor’s birthday celebration. Ram Kapoor, industry’s one of the most versatile actors and a lovely man by heart celebrated his birthday in a very unique way. Ram Kapoor chose to celebrate his birthday with his fans.

Ram Kapoor celebrated his birthday party with some his close female fans across the globe. This actor turned 40 and was very happy to add in another candle to his big birthday cake. The celebrations included the 30 most diehard female fans of Ram Kapoor, who undoubtedly tried hard to make his birthday time a great time for him. The girls simply took up the day a very good opportunity to express their love and gratitude towards their role model. Ram Kapoor stated that the gifts he received from all the guest of the day were something that he never even could imagine.Every gift was unique and special as it had creativity and love of the fans for him.

Ram recieved cards that were made in very unique ways and words that touched his heart. He also stated that the gifts he received were self created by girls which had a reflection of their love and respect towards the actor. Moreover, the girls even had a wonderful cake for the actor which feature a lovely message for the actor. Also the cake had some bautiful ingredients that were stated Ram Kapoor’s favorite.

Likewise, many actors have made it a style or you could say a custom to spend their special times with their fans.Many actors were even spotted celebrating independence day with their fans and followers. Even most of the actors were spotted promoting their shows and serials among the audience. To make their days even more special, some actors even choose to organize charity events for the disabled and spend time with the orphans.Undoubtedly, television is also contributing in great ways to make a better society and working hard to bring in unity in the nation among various cultures. We salute their initiatives and hope for a happy and prosperous India.

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