Teri Meri Love Stories is a change from the regular Saas-Bahu serials!

Star Plus has launched a new series of short stories under the title ‘Teri Meri Love Stories’. It is a welcoming change from the regular Saas-Bahu serials. This series was launched on 11th August 2012. The serial will comprise of one story, basically love story every time. This serial will be showcased every weekend. The length of each episode is one and half hour which is almost close to being a tele-film.

Every time there would be a different story but every one of them will revolve around love. Mostly stories are set in urban background. It will showcase love stories of people from various age groups. The stories will revolve around people who have lost hope in love but they find love in the most unlikely circumstances or around people who have lost romance in the fast moving life. This new show ‘Teri Meri Love story’ showcases the importance of love and spreads a message that no matter what, there is always time for love.

This show is something to look for as it describes the life and stories of the most common people in a most common way. There are stories of people who work from 10 to 6, who come home and are too busy in their routine life that they either forget the meaning of love or have no hopes of finding one. This serial shows how people meet somewhere, sometime and happen to fall in love.

Each story tells a different tale. All the stories deal with finding love all over again and cherishing it by keeping the busy life aside for some time. Today in metropolitan cities it is impossible to stop and look for love, so people move with the flow and there somewhere, somehow love is lost. ‘Teri Meri Love Stories showcase all such stories where either the love is found or re-discovered in the metros of this era.

Directors like Rajan shahi, Siddarth Sengupta, Mohit Suri, Rohit Jugraj and other big names are involved in directing these sweet short love stories. These stories are beautifully directed with soothing music which will definitely grab your attention.

Teri Meri love stories is making news for its star cast also. Right from casting new comers like Chhavi Pandey to heartthrobs like Karan Wahi. Its star cast is also one of the reasons for its much created hype.

Teri Meri Love Stories have created the much hype because of its beautiful stories and the star cast. By the end of each love story you always sit in awe. Stories are beautifully crafted, designed and directed.  For all those people who are tired of the regular Saas-Bahu serials it is a very welcoming change. For those who have already fallen in love with this series, it is very difficult to wait for the weekends.

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