Karisma Kapoor endorsing cereal for children

Karisma Kapoor has made a come-back in the Bollywood industry with movies like “dangerous Ishq” and endorsing commercials such as baby products (with babyoye.com), Olay and food cereals – Kellogg. After a long break, Karisma Kapoor was seen hosting a season of Jhalak Dikhla Ja. As she is a mother of two, she became the ideal face of the popular breakfast cereal brand for children – Chocos. She fits well in the image of making the little one eat nutritious food being a mother herself. Her bubbly and energetic nature makes her loved by children. Kellogg Chocos is a healthy breakfast for both the children as well as the mothers. The chocolaty flavor makes it delicious and yummy, loved by kids indeed!

In the promos, Karisma Kapoor shows how the mothers can be relieved that their children are taking up nutritious food with an energetic and fun filled day at school ahead. Kids are mostly fussy and choosy when it comes to food. Karisma Kapoor being a mother of two portrays herself very well on how mothers are worried for the nutrition of the child. Kellogg is composed of whole grain and fiber along with the eleven essential vitamins and minerals. Apart from this, it is low in fat and high in calcium content and hence a great alternative for the children to begin their day with. The whole wheat cereal comes in a number of flavors for the ease of most mothers. There are no artificial preservatives and can be easily consumed along with skimmed milk and fruits. The whole grain refers to the entire grain which is high in fiber and nutrients than the processed grains. In addition to being healthy and nutritious, the chocolaty flavor makes it very yummy and loved by kids.

The Kellogg Chocos comes in a number of tastes, flavors and shapes making it interesting and attractive for the children to eat. Though the market is flooded with a number of edible products which claim to be healthy and nutritious, Kellogg Chocos continues to be one of the most widely preferred one. Apart from being healthy and nutritious, it is endorsed by none other than Karisma Kapoor – the heartthrob of many.

Karisma Kapoor being the brand ambassador of Kellogg Chocos makes the advertisements more striking and people can relate to her in the advertisement. She makes a very bubbly beginning of the day by playfully making the child get to eat breakfast. When children are fussy to have breakfast, it is seen how they love to have Kellogg Chocos without many tantrums. Karisma Kapoor indeed looks a very smart mother in the advertisement.

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