Salman khan promises cleaner big boss

Bigg boss has been in news for the number of scandals and heightened fights amongst the contestants who are celebrities. The controversial show is now going to be back with the sixth season of the show which is going to be open for all. This means that apart from the celebrities, it will also have the participants as common man. The new season will be hosted by Salman khan who promises to show a much cleaner and healthier show for the audience to enjoy. The show is a real entertainer with the number of controversies, drama and fake personalities of the contestants who are participating. It is an eye-opener of the real character of the people and how they change as they progress towards eliminating the other contestants who seem to be danger for them.

The concept of the show is to have a number of contestants in the house for three months completely cut off from the outside world. The contestants are overseen by a secretive person known as Bigg Boss who is only heard during the entire show. The contestants have no access to friends, family, television, telephone and other basic amenities. They have a time table set for their sleep time and are given tasks to be performed within the given frame. The grocery and other things are earned by the contestants through the points gained from the tasks. This makes the show very interesting and entertaining. However, the show has been infamous from the various cat fights, controversies, back biting and abusing done by the celebrities. There have been celebrities participating in the show varying from actors and other famous people such as Dolly Bindra, Seema Parihar, Rakhi Sawanth, Sunny Leone, Ashmit Patel, Shewta Tiwari, Veena Malik etc. to name a few. However, it has been stated by the host of the show Salman Khan that the show will be hosting contestants who are the common people along with the celebrities. It will be a portrayal of the life, morals, values and the faith of the people. This shows that the shift of the focus of the show is from the celebrities and their tantrums to the more core reality of the common man. The new avatar of the show is to be concentrating on the family viewing of the show with a more concrete and ethical value.

The previous season was hosted by both Salman Khan and Sanjay dutt while the new season will be hosted by Salman Khan alone. The show is expected to go on air from the coming October. Salman Khan has huge fan following whether it is children, girls or even the adults. It seems to be a joint decision of the broadcasters and Salman Khan himself to portray a healthy entertainer which is for apt for viewing for all age groups.


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