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The Legends of Bollywood at Ambedkar Awards


Dr. Ambedkar has always been a role model for all the people in struggle of success. As a tribute to his life and way of living, the Ambedkar Awards were organized at the Shanmukhanand Hall in Mumbai. Many Bollywood stars made the award function a very a enriching and enlightening event. The award show was […]

The flavour of the season is Hookah

An Indian woman with hookah

Hookah also known as a water pipe/shisha (sheesha) as the old timers call it has in fact originatedfrom India specifically from the Mughal period. It is said to have been introduced in the court of the Mughal Emperor – Akbar. I found out this fact from a local Iranian seller and I was baffled by […]

Glass Candles this festive season

Adding light to your home decor - glass candles!

Glass candles for Indians has a deeper connection than most as it has become an icon for one of the most popular festival of light – Diwali, celebrated all over India as a sign of victor over evil. Traditionally, we had Diyas, an oil lamp made of clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee […]

India plays on Microsoft’s X-Box 360

Xbox 360 - for the true gamer!

The Xbox 360 is the new fad for youngsters all over India. The Xbox 360 manufactured by Microsoft was launched little over the year ago. Gaming as we knew it has never been the same. It release caught up with gamers of all generations, young and adults. In 60 days it was declared as the […]

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