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Grandpa’s clock stands as tall as him

Grandpa clock for your home decor

Home interior in the Indian fashion scene has taken different turn in the last decade or so. People have brought in change as to how they keep their living room, halls, bedrooms, kitchens and even backyards. Incredibly, things of the past are fast becoming the most sought after in the home interior and one of […]

India rests on a Deewan

India and its fashion sense have moved up by leaps and bounds over the last few years. A country that takes pride in its rich culture and heritage, the Deewan is arguably the best home décor furniture there can be. If you love to have a quiet Sunday with your family and loved ones watching […]

Antique Mirrors

A decorative floor mirror

Mirrors are an important aspect of home décor. They don’t just reflect the beauty but also create a beautiful ambience in your home décor. Mirrors come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. They add a touch of class to your home décor. A beautiful antique mirror can transform a room like nothing else. Decorating with […]

Patio Furniture for Your Garden

Patio furniture for your garden

Patio furniture which is also known as Garden furniture is that kind of furniture which is designed specially for outdoor use. It is made out of materials that can resist any type of weather because it is placed outside and it is used always in the open. Patio furniture is used by many people. We […]

Light up your home

Lighting up your home to add to the beauty of the decor

The aesthetics of a house is not just determined by its furniture and furnishing. Lighting and fixtures play a vital role in home décor. A well-furnished home with lighting at the right places, and the right fixtures speaks a lot for itself. Such a well-lit place creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is what […]

Grandma’s rocking chair

An antique black rocking chair in rosewood is sure to add beauty to your home decor

These days we can find so many varieties of chairs in the market with different varieties of expensive woods and no doubt they are very stylish, beautifully designed and comfortable. But, I can still remember my grandmother’s rocking chair. Indian households are known to have grannies tell stories and one place they loved to rock […]

Glass Candles this festive season

Adding light to your home decor - glass candles!

Glass candles for Indians has a deeper connection than most as it has become an icon for one of the most popular festival of light – Diwali, celebrated all over India as a sign of victor over evil. Traditionally, we had Diyas, an oil lamp made of clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee […]

Drapes and more!

Drapes and more!

  Drapes are considered as an ideal home furnishing item. It not only blocks dust, light and air but also adds to the oomph factor of your home decor. Drapes also provide privacy to your home and add a touch of class to your room decor. It is capable of lightening up the room and […]

Chandeliers that light up the living and the mood

A Chandelier in a modern day dining room

In India, lighting up a place means celebration and festivities. Among all forms of lighting, there is nothing that can be compared to chandeliers. Chandeliers bring a touch of class and royal feel to a place. I consider chandelier the best piece of lighting that can make any place glitter. Chandeliers have also been a […]

Kashmiri carpets for homes as aired on Star Plus

Kashmiri carpets on the sets of 'Yeh Rishta Kya kehtala hai'

Welcome to the world of entertainment. Welcome to the world of dreams. Welcome to the world of luxury. Star Plus has been for years, India’s number one Hindi prime time television soaps’ channel. When I take a look at perhaps any television serial aired on Star Plus today, the homes are filled with glamour and […]

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