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The Maharaja style Indian rugs

If it is about Indian rugs, then it is entirely about fashion with good class. Particularly in Indian culture rugs and carpets are specifically designed in houses with a thought of welcoming a guest. Just about a week ago, my cousin had shopped for an Indian rug which he got for a very high price. […]

Candle holders – a must in all urban Indian households

Glass candle holders to add aesthetic charm to your home decor

Glass candle holders to add aesthetic charm to your home decor Candle Holders are really important in every urban Indian family. As it is said, the candle is a source of light. When we speak about candles, there is a blend that it creates with offering a wonderful light through it. Candle holders can be […]

Gift that designer duvet to the newly wedded Indian couple

Indian weddings are engulfed in tradition and culture and are more often to be huge celebrations. As they are celebrations in Indian Weddings including the importance of ceremony rituals, there is also one other important aspect that is to be taken care of, which includes offering gifts to the Newly Wedded Couples.  In consideration, there […]

Curtains bring the oomph factor in

Shah Rukh Khan and wife, Gauri Khan for the D' Decor brand of furnishings

What is to say about the Curtains that brings an oomph factor? Curtains in India have been regarded as the royal guard to the family in terms of making a house beautiful. They are primarily associated with most of the families in India. Curtains are of different types. They are Window Curtains, Door Curtains, Modern […]

Relive the Ramayan Era with the Kalamkari Paintings

Kalamkari Painting right from the Ramayan Era

Kalamkari word is basically derived from the Persian words Kalam (which is pen), and Kari (Craftsmanship), which actually means drawing with a pen. Kalamkari is an art that originates from the Ramayana Era. In the Ramayana period, kalamkari paintings were very famous. People used to make art using just their hands with the pen. Nowadays, […]

The wedding bedspreads to add to the extravagance

Living in the country which is so full of different traditions and cultures will make you fall in love with its vast and diverse nature. India is very vast in its culture and tradition. Every community and every religion has its own customs, values, beliefs and tradition. India is one country which has the most […]

Home décor by D’ Décor furnishings

home decor by D' Decor

  D’ Décor furnishing is the world’s third largest leading furnishing brand today. Bollywood King Khan, the super star Shah Rukh Khan has teamed up with his wife Gauri Khan to endorse the brand. D’ Décor excels in performance, quality and the innovation that it brings to home furnishings fashion today. It brings in the […]

Give your home the ethnic feel

Indian ethnic design is all about vibrant colors, fabrics, art pieces and handicrafts. It is traditional and beautiful. As we are progressing towards better and high end products, we are also going in a parallel direction towards our tradition. There are certain people who love high tech homes, homes with modern equipments, home decorated in […]

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