Yuvi does an Armstrong

Yuvraj Singh getting treatment

Yuvraj Singh getting treatment

If you remember the player who had hit the last six and taken India into the Semi Finals of the Cricket World Cup, the player who had given hard contributions to make the Indian Cricket team steal the World Cup and take victory home. Yes, it is none other than Yuvraj Singh. One of the most prominent and consistent players of the Indian Cricket team, Yuvraj Singh is going through his bad days. This very loved player is a victim of rare germ cell cancer, and is away from the field for the treatment. Fans of Yuvi have become dull since the news of his health problem has become official. But, Yuvi is still bright and gathering all the strength to succeed in this fight against cancer.

According to Yuvi, there is one sole person, whom he considers a role model at this stage. It is the King of cycling, Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is one of the top cycling champions of today’s time. There was a time this player was on a thread line between death and life. Armstrong was suffering of testicular cancer. His cancer was so severe that it not only affected his brain but also moved into his lungs and stomach. Armstrong was given a hope of only two percent life, but his will and wish to live and his courage to stay up in the fight not only made him win over cancer but also reach great heights in his career.

In the book – It’s Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong, the player has written about all his experiences and sufferings during the time of cancer. He also mentioned how he made a victory over cancer and also the victory off all the cycling championships he won later. Yuvi, on his twitter Id tweets “Reading Lance Armstrong’s book it’s not about the bike! I’m sure it will motivate me and pull me through this time! Livestrong yuvstrong!,” His tweet also include “I look forward to meet Lance Armstrong soon and take inspiration!” To give his fans his health updates, Yuvraj Singh also tweets his feeling after every chemotherapy sessions he attends. One of his tweet after his second chemotherapy was something like this  “Second cycle has finished today ! Had a bleomycin shot feeling weak but I’m sure tom will be a better day ! My next scan dated on 7th march.”

We wish luck and also pray that this 30 year old player, who has been consistently succeeding in the fields of cricket, makes a victory on the battle field with cancer too, and return back to the fields as ever before!

The Woman behind Dhoni’s success – Sakshi

Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi Rawat on their wedding day.

Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi Rawat on their wedding day.

The Indian cricket team has seen a new era of success in the past couple of years. All thanks to the team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Well known as simply Dhoni, this player has won the hearts of many cricket fans since the time he started his career and playing for the country. This player had started his career in the Indian Cricket team in the year 2004-2005. Since then, he has been in the news for his great contributions in horning the Indian Cricket Team.

M.S Dhoni, termed the Man with the Midas touch, is undoubtedly a very successful player of today’s time. But, the story behind this success is something else, or much specifically we can say the name behind this success; Sakshi Rawat. Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi and the lady luck is all what Dhoni has to credit his success. Sakshi was Dhoni’s college friend, whom he later met in the hotel he stayed with his team mates for a test match. This couple tied knots on the 24th of July, 2010, attracting all his fans.

As the saying goes ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman’, for Dhoni it is none other than Mrs. Dhoni; Sakshi. Since after they were declared officially engaged, this couple was spotted together in every sport event they walked, and also Sakshi attended all the matches played by Dhoni. She was always there to cheer him, support him and encourage him all the way.

Since their marriage, Dhoni has seen a great success in his cricket career. It could be the lady luck or the all time support he got from his wife, Sakshi. He won the No1 in test title, The Man of the Match in the series of the World cup, the IPL matches and above all, he made a great contribution in making the team win the Cricket World Cup in 2011. In the media also, this couple was the limelight after the World Cup finals.  Sakshi was termed to be the sole woman behind the success of the significant player, as well the Indian Cricket team. We hope that we see this couple making great progress in the Cricket world, in further coming years.

Rowdy Rathore is back


Every year, Bollywood has something new and interesting to give to its viewers. Be it in the form of great music, new faces or comeback of the superstars of their times in a very different way. This year, the talk of the town is all about the movie Rowdy Rathore. This movie has not just one feature, but a chain of features that has made it the lime light of all. Let’s have a look of what new Rowdy Rathore has brought in for its viewers.

Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar at Rowdy Rathore promotional rickshaw race on 12th May 2012 (92)

Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar at Rowdy Rathore promotional rickshaw race on 12th May 2012 (92)

Rowdy Rathore is a unique action pack film by one of the most prominent director and dancer Prabhudeva. This versatile dancer is now well known for his good stand in the field of direction too. Prabhu mostly prefers making action films, as these get a great response and make the movie hit the box office. The original Rowdy Rathore is a Tollywood version; a movie made in Telugu by own of the most loved Tollywood directors; Rajamouli. The movie in Telugu seemed to be a great hit, and Prabhu has taken up the challenge of making the same in Bollywood style. Prabhu not only directed the film but also has choreographed specific songs for the lead actor of the film.

Moving on, we have another versatile and graceful actor related with this film. It is none other than the beautiful actress, Sonakshi Sinha. After giving her outstanding performance in her first action film, Dabangg with Salman Khan, this lady is ready to give her best in another action pack. Sonakshi stands the lead, and is all set to take the film to a height where people have admired and praised Dabangg. Opposite to her, is the Khiladi of Bollywood. Yes, it is Akshay Kumar back into his action avatar. Giving a seven year break to his action role, Akshay is now backing into his old shoes. Akhsay, is the lead, playing a tough character of Rowdy Rathore, all which the film revolves about. Akshay, after giving a huge break to his action films, will be again loved by all his fans, young and old. This renowned actor is a role model for many into the action as well as the field of acting. We have seen him do various kinds of roles, starting from comedy to tragedy, drama to dilemma and many more as such. We give a hearty welcome back to this actor in his all time favorite way of entertaining his fans. Hope this film gives a great hit at the box office.

The Legends of Bollywood at Ambedkar Awards

Dr. Ambedkar has always been a role model for all the people in struggle of success. As a tribute to his life and way of living, the Ambedkar Awards were organized at the Shanmukhanand Hall in Mumbai. Many Bollywood stars made the award function a very a enriching and enlightening event. The award show was not grand, but very peaceful. The aim of organizing the Ambedkar Award show was to give an honorable tribute to the leader, as well as make a great contribution to the communities and societies working for various social causes.

The Ambedkar Awards truly mean a lot, not for the common man but also for the celebrities. There were many legendary celebrities and well as the upcoming actors who were a part of the award event show. Starting from the ladies who made their presence the event glamorous were Asha Parekh, Saroj Khan, Alka Yagnik, Ragini Khanna, Rakhi Sawanth and many more to the list. Other actors who have made a remarkable name in the Bollywood history like Sanjay Khan, Shivaji Satam, Annu Kapoor, Ketan Desai, Dheeraj Kumar, Kumar Sanu were also present at the award function. There were other television actors too, who were not nominated but become a part of the award to give tribute to the legend of the Indian political history.

The award show was glamorous get simple. The attire of the actors, who made their presence, was also completely elegant. Asha Parekh, no wonder as her young days, still looked gorgeous. In her glittering white and bright diamond wrap around the neck, the lady glittered the evening. The well known and one of the most prominent anchor, Annu Kapoor was also seen having a great time at the award show. There were cultural scenes played, traditional and modern dance on the floor, and also beautiful gestures all around. The award ceremony was completely a good time for the actors who have not met each other since years. This award time was a good time to spend and enjoy with all the legends of Bollywood.

The ever suave Harbhajan Singh

One of the most prominent and renowned name in the cricket world; Harbhajan Singh,  is an inspiration to many cricket fans. The player, well known for his bowling techniques is also very good at the ways of batting too. Harbhajan, much popular as Bajji, is a great boon to our Indian cricket team. This Punjabi player has the power to not only win the hearts of his people, but also to steal hearts of many people round the globe. At a very young age, Bajji strived to gain name and fame for his country and his state too.

A son of a middle class, Sikh businessman, Harbhajan moved into the field of his passion, cricket and made a great place for himself in the field of cricket. His father was the sole inspiration and guide that he remembers today. At the age of 15, Harbhajan stepped into the world of cricket and play, and till date stands as one of the most consistent players.

Coming to the other side of the story, Bajji had been into many controversies in the span he covered till date. This renowned player, due to some health issues was backend and refused to play cricket for a pretty long. But, his courage and the passion for cricket made him comeback soon into the fields. Bajji, was recently banned to play test matches due to his violent relationships with one of the players of the Indian team. This barrier too could not stop Bajji for a long time. He again proved himself and came back to the field.

In terms of his personal career, Bajji was never interested to get married at an early age. His all focus was on cricket. But, recent reports and reviews of this player show that he is all set to marry one of the beautiful and upcoming actresses of Bollywood Geeta Basra. Sources state that this player is going to tie the knot with this beautiful actress in the month of September. Geeta Basra and Bajji have been dating for a quite long time for now, and finally have decided to ring the wedding bells.  Bajji and the actress were spotted together at many events, but avoided to talk much about their personal life in public. But, now they have found the correct time to make their relation official. We hope that their decision stays firm, and we get big fat wedding news soon!

Fashion at Bappa Lahiri’s reception

What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the name Bappi Lahiri. Gold. Gold and more pots of gold!!So now imagine how his son’s wedding reception would look like! You got it right! The night of 20th April was literally star-studded in a posh Juhu hotel where the who’s who of Bollywood had gathered for the wedding reception of the gold baron Bappi Lahiri’s son Bappa Lahiri with who’s this girl Tanushree Verma. It definitely did rain gold that night with both the bride and the groom shining in the most hideously gold embellished outfits. Bappa Lahiri was dressed in a Sharbani Dutta designed peacock coloured sherwani which could have made you go blind. The bride was draped in a plastic-looking bright red sari decked with gold from top to bottom. On the flipside, probably the bride was a relief for the sore eyes when she stood next to her rainbow looking husband and a haldi jar of a mum-in-law.

The Bid Fat Indian wedding, did also have some other glitterati who did not glitter that much. Sunidhi Chauhan apparently got mugged and came to the wedding looking mobbed (literally)! With zero make-up and ziltch jewelry, the singer looked like she came for a wrong event. The groom’s mother Chitrani Lahiri probably spent all her money on the gold jewelry and had no money left hiring a good tailor for a well-fitted sari blouse.

The wedding reception did have guests who saved the day and made paparazzi’s effort worthwhile. Kiran Rao did finally consult a fashion designer after all the fashion faux paus she made in earlier parties. Draped in a beautiful sky-blue georgette sari with contrasting emerald green neck-piece, she looked graceful beyond description.

Kajol who came with her cousin Sharvani Mukherjee, looked elegant dressed in a blue anarkali suit with subtle make-up. Understated and refined, pastel and gold worked best for this actress. Her loose side braid and nude make-up worked wonders for her skin and complemented her outfit tremendously. Cousin Rani Mukherjee didn’t look half as bad with white sari with pink patterns and delicate silver jewelry. But white a wedding, Rani we would have expected Adi Chopra to have added more colours in your life! Sisters Padmini Kohlapuri and Tejaswini came looking decked up for the wedding except Padmini probably forgot to wear a necklace and Tejaswini left her anarkali straps at home! The colours looked lovely ladies but you should probably check the mirror before stepping out!

Big B did grace the occasion with Junior B in tow. Mr. Bachchan, with all due respects, the velvet blazer has got to go now.

The crowd at the Golden Petal Awards



In the past times, Bollywood industry had only a handful of award ceremonies, which would be held annually. Today, with the increasing demands and developments too, there are various awards being given to the ones who deserve. In a perspective, awards are not only a good way for the public involvement and judgment, but also create a sense of competitiveness among the actors. The awards shows are a great way to horn, represent and also show other skills that you cannot show on screen.

Bollywood was huge, and television industry was limited. But, there is a tough competition today between the two of the industries. Both of them are running at the same pace of competition. Every television channel prefers to hold its own award these days. As there is the Star Pariwaar Awards for the Star Plus Channel, the Gold Awards for all the Zee Networks, Colors has taken up an initiative and hosted its first channel award show; The Golden Petal Awards.


John, Akshay and Chitrangadha Singh at the awards ceremony

John, Akshay and Chitrangadha Singh at the awards ceremony

The Golden Petal Awards, held in December 2011, was the first self award of the Colors channel. Not only the television actors of this channel were present to enjoy the evening, even many celebrities and renowned film stars adding glitters to the evening. The unique part of the award function was the attire theme of the guest invited. Every show or serial cast of Colors was given various color codes, which every person of cast had to wear and represent their show. This theme was very unique as no channel on television had such great theme till date.

Actors like Salman Khan, Juhi Chawla, Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Chitrangada, Hema Malini, Solani Bendre and Javed Jafferi made the award show a very exciting event by their presence. Ritesh Deshmuk was also a part of the award show. Akshay Kumar even won a special award from the sponsors of the Channel, for his best hosting and stunt performing in Fear Factor seasons. Salman Khan gave his blasting performance that not only rocked the stage but also forced many audiences to stand up and dance.

The Television actors too had many great numbers to dance on. There were stage stunts, comedy scenes and a great hosting that made the award function successful in the most efficient ways. The Golden Petal Award has made a great beginning and we hope that Colors brings in exciting and unique Golden Petal Awards in the further coming years too.


Stars at Greenathon 4

Shweta Tiwari  performs  at NDTV-Toyota Greenathon 4

Shweta Tiwari performs at NDTV-Toyota Greenathon 4

If television has various sources of entertaining its viewers, it does also have the power to aware and awaken them. Most television channels take their own initiatives to prove their social responsibility. Just like the show – Satyameva Jayate on starplus, NDTV came up with an innovative idea to bring awareness on the importance of a greener planet. Aamir Khan, undoubtedly has taken up a very great initiative to bring awareness among people and to awaken the people of our country regarding the exploitations and injustice going around. While the results of this show will be seen as a long term change in the society, the show “Greenathon” by NDTV was looking at something more immediate.

The 20th May, 2012 was celebrated as the “India’s Recycling Day” by the NDTV news channel. This celebration event was for a cause of creating and promoting the need of recycling. This event was a massive success, as it went on to become a great hit with some of the highest TRP ratings. The aims of the channel related to this event were seemed to be successful when the channel received huge response from its viewers. This event was supported by the Green Campaign or the Greenathon campaign that was started in 2008, and is successfully leading in fulfilling all its aims.

The Greenathon event conducted by the NDTV channel also has guest from the glamour industry; Bollywood. The stars made the show even more high value by giving their valuable time and presence at the show. The theme of the event this year mainly focused on the recycling of plastic, and also encouraging the viewers to keep a clean green environment. As per the theme, the studio was decorated in a very greenly way. The decorations included recycled bulbs for lighting, cardboard and tins boxes and many things as such, that truly made the place glow green.

Talking about the stars, whose presence made the event special were Priyanka Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Sridevi, Imran Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Deepika Padukone, Kunal Kohli, Rahul Bose, Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Bappi Lahiri, Arjun Kapoor, Comedian Cyrus Broacha and also Vasundhara Das. Some of the stars who added entertainment factor to the event were Shweta Tiwari, Rabbi Shergill, Swananda Kirkire, Malaika Arora Khan, Javed Ali, Ayushman Khurana, Blaaze and Euphoria. These stars not only supported the campaign giving their valuable time but also made donations from their side, to promote and help the campaign reach its aim in the most comfortable manners. The event was highly appreciating.

Sonakshi Sinha is the new Chamak Challo

The daughter of the most versatile actors of the 80s, Sonakshi Sinha, who made her debut as a sedate village belle in the movie Dabangg, now has taken over the title of Kareena Kapoor. Yes, it is Sonakshi who is the Chamak Challo now. Sonakshi, is a very graceful actress, who surely had a great contribution in making the movie Dabangg reach a great rate, she is not all set to comeback with the same grace and beauty in her upcoming film, Rowdy Rathore by Prabhudeva.

Sonakshi Sinha - the new Chammak Challo!

Sonakshi Sinha - the new Chammak Challo!

Regarding the controversies of Chamak Challo, this is a song in the movie Rowdy Rathore, characterized on the lead, Sonakshi. The previous Chamak Challo of Kareena Kapoor, in the movie Ra-One saw a great success, and still is a hit item number at the Box Office. Kareena Kapoor won over many hearts by giving her outstanding performance in this song.

Though both the songs are entirely different, Sonakashi’s beauty and uniqueness in this song will make this song reach a great rate. The Chamak Challo of Ra-One, was a pure western combo Indian item number. It has rap music and also the westernized form of choreography. Whereas the new Chamak challo is completely an Indian melody.Both the ladies in this song were a red color Indian drape, that not only makes them look graceful but also adds in that “hot” factor to their dancing.

Sonakshi as Chammak Challo in Rowdy Rathore

Sonakshi as Chammak Challo in Rowdy Rathore

According to the reviews by the actress as well as the director, the song nowhere is connected with the previous Chamak Challo. The attire of both the actresses may be quite similar, but everything apart has no connections. Sonakshi, in of the interview says that she is not just Chammak Challo, she is also Chail Chabeeli. She further added that when they had shot for this song, ‘Ra. One’ had not released and they had not seen that ‘Chammak Challo’ in a red saree. It was just a co-incidence. So she does not forget to mention the songs are different, it was westernized but our song is full of Indian melody. So you should not compare the two. The director says that there is nothing so highlighting about this song. Starring Akshay Kumar in the lead, this film will be screen everywhere in the country on the 1st of June 2012. The fans of Akki are eagerly waiting for the release of this film, as the actor has come back into his old shoes of action, to which he had given a break off for seven years. We hope this comeback of Akki as the ‘khiladi’ comes out the same as expected by his fans.

Shetty is the most desirable mom

Shilpa Shetty with husband, Raj Kundra and baby Viann

Shilpa Shetty with husband, Raj Kundra and baby Viann

If we have the best Bollywood queens, then we also have them as the best mothers. The Bollywood divas don’t mind taking a break off their careers for just one reason; motherhood. Last year, it was our Queen of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who moved away from Bollywood due to her pregnancy. She gave us good news of a baby girl, named as Aaradhya Bachchan. Now is it Shilpa Shetty, who is blessed with a cute little baby boy, who is named Viann Raj Kundra. Viann is a beautiful name that mean ‘Alive’.

Shilpa Shetty, one of the most versatile actress, and a woman admired for her perfect figure was loved by all in any role. This young and charming actress made her debut from the movie Bazigaar, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as well. As an actress and model too, Shilpa had seen many fluctuations in her career. Her will and passion to stay firm in the industry made her move forth and achieve great success. Shilpa, in the movie Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar, was seen in the role of a very beautiful mother. Her character and her motherhood in this movie was admired by many.

Now, it is the time she has moved on to be a real mother than simply a reel mother. Shilpa Shetty is happy to the extreme and also feels very excited about the future life with her family. Not just the mother, but even the father, Raj Kundra shares his extreme happiness through his tweets. On twitter, he says that God has blessed them with a beautiful baby boy. Both mother and baby are fine. His words show the kind of happy feeling he has for the baby who has just come into his life. He also has great words for Shilpa, as he tweets a hearty thank you to his wife, Shilpa. He also mentions gratitude for all the well-wishers who have wished and blessed him with such a special moment in his life. He also specified Dr.Kiran Cohelo, the doctor of Shilpa and all the staff of Hinduja Hospital for making it possible.

At the time of getting discharged from the hospital

At the time of getting discharged from the hospital

Shilpa and Raj Kundra have wishes from all their friends and their fans too. Some of the most prominent stars were seen greeting the couple by different tweets. Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy, R. Madhavan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Farah Khan Ali and many more, tweeted wishes to the couple and blessings to the new born. We too wish this family a very happy life ahead.


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